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A designer swimming pool liner can be the spectacular centerpiece of your backyard environment, transforming your pool into a true work of art!

Bilt Rite Pools offers a wide variety and the finest liners in the industry. Your choice of LOOP-LOC, Merlin and Dover Vinyl Products combines over 100 style choices.


LOOP-LOC Luxury Liners

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  • Choose from 20 elegant designer patterns. 
  • Manufactured using only the highest quality virgin vinyl material in durable 20 and 28 mil. Resists puncturing, algae, mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • State-of-the-art computer technology and manufacturing equipment ensure a perfect fit on any pool – from a simple rectangle to the most complex formfit.
  • Exclusive 20-year pro-rated warranty!


 Blue Majesticw Ocean
 Charlestonw Beach Pebble
 Hampton Bluew Blue Beach Pebble Bottom
 Ixtapaw Caribbean Beachglass Bottom
 Majesticw Ocean
 Maltaw Sea Blue Bottom
 Mediterraneanw Aquaria Bottom
 Muranow Bahia Bluestone Bottom
 Sapphire Sunsetw Sea Blue Bottom
 Tahitian Pearlw Tonga Reef Bottom
 Terrazzow Aquaria Bottom
 Tivoliw Sand Pebble Bottom
 Tranquility Bayw Sea Blue Bottom
 Turquoise Sunw Bahia Bluestone Bottom

Wavestone w/Sea Blue bottom 20 & 28 mil

Bermuda w/Caribbean Beachglass bottom 20mil

Mykonos w/BlueBeach Pebble bottom 20 & 28 mil

Lotus w/Sand Pebble bottom 20 & 28 mil

Mirabello w/Smokey Gray Granite bottom 28 mil

Valencia w/Midnight Blue Granite bottom 20 & 28 mil

Bimini Isle w/Marine Sparkle bottom 20 & 28 mil

Corsica w/Midnight Blue Granite 20 & 28 mil

Santorini w/Mosaic Ocean bottom 20 mil

Sag Harbor w/Blue Beach Pebble bottom 20 & 28 mil

Sahara w/Sand Pebble bottom 20 & 28 mil

Ocean Reef w/Marine Sparkle bottom 20 & 28 mil

Waterart w/Rivera Ligure bottom 20 & 28 mil

Bali w/Mosaic Ocean bottom 20 & 28 mil



Appearance and quality construction come together beautifully in a Merlin pool liner. It all begins with the design; many of our patterns are Merlin “exclusives”, developed in collaboration with professional designers whose creations reflect the latest home décor and color trends. The result is a liner certain to make your pool the centerpiece of your backyard.


 Cabo Tile
 Coral Reef Tile
 Hampton Bays Tile
 Jamaica Tile
 Key Largo Tile
 Nassau Tile
 Oahu Tile
 St Lucia Tile
 Tobago Tile
 Waikiki Tile

Atlantic City w/Beach Haven bottom 20 & 27 mil

Breezy Point w/Clearwater bottom 20 mil

Cape Verde w/Golden Sand bottom 20 mil

Curacoa w/Tobago bottom

Playa Luna w/Tobago bottom 20 & 27 mil

Top Sail Beach w/Beach Haven bottom 20 & 27 mil

Seaside Heights w/Crescent Bay bottom 20 mil

Acapulco w/Golden Sand bottom 20 mil

Blue Trinidad w/Jamaica bottom 20 & 27 mil

Catalina w/Coastline bottom

Corolla w/Outer Banks bottom 20 mil

Montserrat w/Palm Harbor bottom

Newport Beach w/Palm Harbor bottom

Pawley’s Island w/Outer Banks bottom 20 mil

Santa Cruz w/Sea Blue bottom 20 mil

Siesta Key w/Blue Reef bottom

Surfside Beach w/Coral bottom

Trinidad w/Blue Pebble bottom 20 mil