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Construction Method


Construction Method

At Bilt Rite we use the best construction methods to create the finest swimming pools that will last many, many years. Below is an overview of what to expect during the installation process.


Excavation – Our experienced excavators will begin Day 1 by clearing and excavating area of pool.



Steel Walls – Day 2 begins as the steel walls are constructed and all plumbing and electrical installed.


Concrete Collar – Our commitment to quality building adds a step most overlook; concrete collars are installed on Day 3 to ensure proper and rigid support for your pool.



Steps and extras – Day 4 completes all custom steps and backfilling.


Hard Bottom Surface – Day 5 completes our custom hard bottom trowel surface; another unique feature to Bilt Rite Pools.



Liner Installed – Day 6 and the process is almost complete. This day brings the crew to install your custom liner.


Finally! -  Within one week Bilt Rite completes your pool install and your lifetime enjoyment of a backyard vacation escape begins.